Ref Jeff Sixes Clinic

RefJeff Video on Sixes

Watch this video to get an idea of what is new in this game. 3min

ReF Jeff Sixes Clinic Topics

Changes from 12v12 

30 Second Shot Clock

Goalie clears on Goals (5s in circle)

All Fouls have a time penalty (30s Minor/1m Major)

No Restraining Line (SXS Unique Rule)

6 Players per Team on Field

No Shooting Space

Dangerous Propel is a Red Card

Defense can run through the goal circle

3 Yellow cards = Fouling Out of Game

Shots out of bounds are off player last touched (shooter, goalie)

Key Minor Fouls (30s)

Interference/Holding - Play the ball, not the player

Pushing/Warding - Pushing or shoving another player, incendental or on purpose

(Offsides is not part of the SXS tournament - normal sixes, goalie is not allowed past the half)

Key Major Fouls (1M)

Body Check - No plowing people over

Slashing - Out of control checks count

Cross Check - Hitting someone with an extended stick, horizontal or straight

Dangerous Follow Through - Just like Field - shoot into a clear lane

Illegal Crease defending - Don't enter the top of the crease when ball is above GLE

Walling - Don't setup a line of players to protect the goal

Expulsion Fouls (RED)

Dangerous Propel - Shoot low - a ball that hits another player above the knee is a Red.

Fighting - Of Course

Play On

If the Ump sees a play that creates a disadvantage, they will motion for advantage and yell "Play On". If the result of the foul ends in a disadvantage or another foul occurs, the ump may bring the ball back and setup play at the spot of the foul.

"Coach" Jeff Suggestions - New Rules, New Plays

When on Defense

Mirroring around the goal circle is optional, just watch for back of the goal, don't trip

Goalies get ready to move, you can save your team a lot of time by exiting circle and moving up the field

Setup in a house shape, you will have a player to watch, but you will cover an area. HELP your teammates with double teams and cutters. There will be constant motion. There is no shooting space or 3 seconds. Keep moving! If someone gets a card, change to a box shape and kill the penalty.

When On Attack

Shoot low unless there is a clear lane. (Avoid a Red Card)

Fast passes will catch Defense out of position. Make the extra pass before time expires!

With low time, dump a low shot toward the goalie. Won't hurt!

General GamePlay

Track your time and have a plan for low time (<10s). Throwing the ball out of bounds after time is delay of game (green card)

Out of bounds is off last touched, even shots, if someone shoots, get back on defense

Penalty time starts when you get to the box and seated. Run to shorten the advantage by the other team.

You will tire quickly, this game does not stop. There will be a constant flow of players on and off the field. Sub when transitioning back to attack!


After a Goal or Save:

Goalie has 5 seconds to get the ball from the net and 5 more seconds to clear the  circle.

Defense should find their player immediately, no need to guard goalie unless she bolts for the offensive end

Go to transition location on side of field, leave middle open for cuts

Cut in a J hook fashion, up and down the field to get open

Cross field picks are fine, just make sure cuts are back toward the ball

The field is not very wide, long passes downfield are better than short ones to the sideline

Clinic Notes

30 Second Drill

Reset on a shot that hits goalie or crossbar


Move North/South - J Hook cuts, Cross Field Picks, Goalie Step up

Goalie 5 sec to clear the circle

Movement - Defensive and Offensive - Practice with kickball

Card Drill

Cards Issued - Run to Box, serve time, re-enter game

What changes when playing down 1? 2?