2024 Rules Changes

2024 NFHS Girls Lacrosse Rules Changes

Study confirms that contact with stick is the primary cause of injury

Preserve a game to be played with minimum equipment

Rules Changes


Duration Of Play

Coaching Allowed during Injury Time Outs

Restarting Play

Now OK to run through a whistle in the midfield

 False Starts still exist for CSA fouls, but no longer on the midfield fouls

3 Seconds penalties are now enforced moved to the closest spot 

on the 12 if outside the CSA 

on the 8 if inside the CSA

or the closest dot if below the GLE

Editorial Clarifications in Rulebook

Q/A from 11/14 Clinic

Q: So the compression shirts have padding in them?

A: The shirt has a ND200 pad over the heart

Q: Should the two minutes between quarters start immediately after the horn sounds?

A: officials should have and mantain good game management,  allow players to progress off the field promptly and then begin the 2 minutes timer.  use good judgment

Q: At the end of 1st or 3d quarter, within 10 seconds of end of quarter, a foul is called in the CSA.  Time elapses in the quarter before the foul

A: if time runs out the FP will not be able to be played out

Q: If the stick is being held in the 10 to 2 position, but the player pushes an opponent with the stick, its still a foul, right?

A: use of the stick to push or displace an opponent is illegal stick use

Q: Is JV using the same 12min quarters?

A: yes and also U14

Q: I have seen a lot of horizontal sticks in HS play. If players continue to do so, should we upgrade to a card

A: Yes absolutely

Q: Outside the CSA players no longer need to pause?

A: That is correct

Q: Change sides of the field every quarter?  Or just at half time?

A: every quarter change