Why we are here

To support our athletes and keep lacrosse fun, safe, and fair.

See this website for more information : CUWL - Central Region Umpires for Women's Lacrosse Association

Did You know?

  • Lacrosse in St. Louis has been around for almost 20 years. In the last 10, interest has grown significantly. Now over 2000 athletes play the sport in the metro area annually.

  • The recent high school seasons hosted 1500 games, SLYLA hosted over 300 games and CYC hosted 2 leagues with over 100 games each. The number of games were capped at the beginning of the season due to the lack of officials.

  • The total number of women's officials in St. Louis is about 50? Many of those are junior officials that only do youth and development games. The 750 girls high school games in 2022 were supported by 35 officials.

  • MSHSAA requires 2 officials to start a game or the game is cancelled. In 2022, there were 67 cancelled games because officials were not available. Numerous others required last minute rescheduling due to injury or illness.

  • As the game speeds up and the athletes move the ball faster, the preference is to move to 3 officials on the field to help with covering the entire field and facilitate faster play.

  • An official can make over $100 for a single night's efforts.

  • Our current staff is made up of former players, parents and coaches.

  • To become an official, there are only a few steps. Pass a rules test, attend a clinic, and register with MSHSAA. More Detail HERE.

  • Even if you don't have the time to become an official, you can still help! US LAX Blog, Become a coach, fundraiser, volunteer!

We Need Help!

In order to continue to expand this growing sport, we need people like you! We love the game because our children love the game. It provides a healthy outlet that is competitive, develops teamwork and builds life skills.

See this page to get started: Become an Official

What is it like?

See the comments from a first year official here: New Officials

Ask any questions to molaxmail@gmail.com and we'll walk you through it!