The role of officials is to keep the game safe and fair. 

The rules are organized to facilitate the best experience for the players. Each rule is notated in red with the intent for supporting the game. Enforcement may vary based on the judgement of the official. Calls may be held or upgraded if safety or fairness is ( or not) at risk.

Procedural Calls


No more that 7 Attack or 8 Defenders (including Goalie) may cross the restraining line 


Goal Circle Violation

No one other than the Goalie or a deputized defender may enter the goal circle. 

Shots may follow through,and defense may put their stick in to prevent a shot, but no player may break the plane of the goal by jumping over the line or putting their stick in to retrieve a ball.


Delay of Game

Green Card

Issued for intentionally slowing down the game

Not allowing 4 M of space

Jewelry or other illegal attire


Major Fouls - Mandatory Cards

Check to the Head

No player’s stick may hit or cause her opponent’s stick to hit her own head. 


Dangerous Follow Through/ Dangerous Propel

Following through with her stick in a dangerous or uncontrolled manner at any time. 

Propelling the ball in a dangerous or uncontrolled manner at any time. 



A reckless and/or dangerous swing of the crosse at an opponent’s crosse or body, whether or not the opponent’s crosse or body is struck. 


Dangerous Contact

It is illegal to thrust or shove any player who is in a defenseless position including head down,outside of visual field, in the air, This also includes contact to the kidneys, back, neck or head. 


Major Fouls 

NOTE: Any foul can be upgraded to a yellow or red card if repeated or flagrant

Illegal stick to body Contact 

(Horizontal Stick)

Initiate illegal crosse to body or body to crosse contact. For example, a stick held in a horizontal position that makes contact with an opponent’s body. 



Block opponent by moving into her path and giving no chance to stop or change direction and contact occurs. 



Charge, barge shoulder or back into an opponent, including a player pushing into an opponents stick


Crosse in the Sphere

It is illegal (and dangerous) for a player to hold her stick within the sphere around the face or throat of an opponent. The sphere is a 7-inch space around the head. 

Illegal Crade: Offensive players may not hold the head of the crosse in front of their face to make a legal check impossible.


Dangerous Play

Player actions that are rough threatening and or are without regard to player safety. May be carded.


Dangerous Shot

shooting dangerously or without control at the goalkeeper: 

• A dangerous shot is based on the combination of distance, force and placement. 

• A shot can’t be directed at the goalkeeper’s body, especially her head or neck. Doesn’t apply if she moves into the path of the ball. 

• A shot may be uncontrolled even if it misses the goal 


False start

before the whistle, step or make any movement simulating the beginning of play designed to gain an advantage over one's opponent.


forcing through

While in posession of the ball, try to force the crosse through an opposing crosse.



Hold an opponent at anytime by holding, detaining, restraining or pressing against the opponent's body or crosse with an arm, leg, body or crosse.


illegal pick

Set a moving or stationary pick out of the visual field of an opposing player which does not allow enough time or space to stop or change direction and contact occurs.



Pushing opponent with a hand or body.


reaching across body

Reach across the body of an opponent to check the crosse when level with or behind the opponent.


rough/ dangerous check

check toward body, hitting the crosse, so the opponents crosse hits their body, any  other aggressive check as decided by the official


shooting space

Defensive player holding a position between an offensive player with the ball and the edge of the goal circle. 

Shooter has to be looking to shoot

Must be in the Critical Scoring Area

Does not Apply when:

Drawn into shooting space by attacker

or marking an attacker within a stick length


3 seconds

Defender spending more than 3 seconds inside the 8, unless within a stick length of an attacker.



Snagging the end of the stick with the webbing of the crosse to try to cause a ground ball.



Tripping an opponent, deliberately or otherwise


Minor Fouls

empty stick check

Check or impede an opponent's crosse when the player's crosse is not in contact with the ball. Applies only if the opponent could have received the ball. Incidental contact while making a play for the ball is not a check.



Cover a ground ball with the foot, body or crosse preventing an opponent from playing the ball



Guard the crosse with a free hand/arm. Hands or elbows may not be used to protect the crosse.


play from out of bounds


Body Ball

Delay of Game

Early Entry on Draw

Hand Ball

illegal crosse

Illegal exchange of the crosse

illegal re-entry

Illegal Substitution

Free Position Setup for 8M and the 12M

See the Reels at the RefJeff_STL account for more videos on rules, interpretation and advice from an umpire.

Fouls Video: