Lacrosse needs more Pickup Games...

With the SXS Festival cancelled, I am hosting a play day that we can get together and enjoy the game


(Check back - As things change they will be updated here)

Who: Anyone I invited (if you have questions e-mail

Location: SportPort Field 5 Location

REQUIRED TO PLAY: WAIVER  (Sorry everyone, this is just the  world we live in)

When: Saturday - September 30, 2023 - 9am - 11:30am

What: Sixes! RULES

Registration: Simple Waiver coming soon

Cost: Pay it forward* (Players-- tell your friends how much fun you had playing)

Trainers/Training Facilities will not be available. The closest hospitals are listed here: Google Maps

What Do I need to Bring?

Standard Lacrosse Gear, Stick, Googles, mouth guard, cleats, reversible jersey (white on one side please)

How is this going to work?

We will have up to 5 teams that will rotate playing with at least one team resting. We can create more and trade around players  as we wish. The goal of this is to meet new people, learn new skills and have fun!

At 9am, we will have field assignment via tribute. Each team will send a someone to participate in a Rock, Paper, Scissors Battle. First 2 winners will play field A, Next 2 will play Field B and final team will rest the first game. After that, the winners of each game have the option to stay, and the losers will rotate. The resting team picks the field they got next on and that team rests for one game. 

The  resting team will have an area they can talk to coaches, play catch or practice their skills. Stay warmed up because YOU GOT NEXT!

Game Details

I will be running 15 minute running clock games, winner stays, up to 2x (3 total), then gets a break.

Players not currently playing will have an area with a goal they can warm up, or work with other experienced players and coaches to get questions answered about this game.

I will book the fields 9am-12n - if folks want to leave, totally fine, this is just free play. If teams run short and we add players, we can change that team so everyone is white.


Sixes Standard Rules - New to Sixes? Check out the starter clinic for players/fans

30 second shot clock

Minor fouls 30s, Major Fouls 1m

Watch USA vs Canada Sixes Game

House Rules

I will remove players from the game that are disrespectful or who are playing too aggressively.

Any stick contact to the head, neck, ribs or back will be carded. (minor, major or expulsion)

Cards are released on a goal by opposite team. (Time served is on your honor)

3 Goal lead = 3 Pass Rule for team that is winning

Goalies can cross mid line

Mid line rules are not in effect (no over and back)

Disputes will be solved with Rock Paper Scissors.

About Me

See my instagram @RefJeff_STL for some details about who I am and more information about the game.

7 years ago, I was asked by my oldest daughter to find her a place to play lacrosse.  Now after watching my kids gain so much confidence and have so much fun, I try to do everything I can to help give them opportunities to play. I am a Level 2 Coach and Level 3 official.  I run this website and my Instagram account to help new players, parents and fans learn the game. 

I have been involved with a few sixes leagues and this version of the game is easier to get going in a league or pickup format. It will (hopefully) be the game that is incorporated into the Olympics in 2028 and is played on an international stage right now.  It is super easy to play indoors and all players are involved all the time. I am testing my idea with this play day. If it works, we can work together to do more playdays, have fun and GROW THIS GAME!

Why am I doing this?

It is cheaper than a Taylor Swift concert.  :) Actually there are some parallels, 3 hours of screaming at the top of your lungs, running around having fun. Just no bracelets, US Lacrosse rules. Sorry....

Really -- because this is FUN!!! I want to figure out a way to bring the lacrosse community together in something that isn't stressful or competitive. I grew up with sand lot baseball and want to figure out a way to capture the essence of basketball at the YMCA or soccer with the neighbors with lacrosse. These kids are going to run into each other in high school and getting a chance to meet and hang out briefly will hopefully build some friendships that continue as they play together in the future. We'll see.. We'll have fun no matter what.

*Pay it forward: Volunteer to help your local lacrosse org. Learn to become an official, anything that supports the community. I am renting the fields with money I earned from officiating high school games. If this takes off we can pitch in for dues or something. It is $85/hr for this field.

Field #5 Location