2023 Rules Changes

Points of Emphasis

Sportsmanship is still a focus because of the continued rise of un-sportsman like behavior by parents, players and coaches. This will be a point of discussion and penalized when necessary

Knowledge of the rules is important to maintain a fair and safe game. Penalties will be assessed and explained as needed. Always feel free to engage an official for clarification of circumstances.

Dangerous use of the stick is on the rise and proper attention will be given to reduce injury in the sport.

Crosse Inspection: No longer required to press on the ball during an inspection. Ball must still move freely through the head and pocket.

Draw: Once the Official touches both sticks for a draw, no crossing of the restraining line (foot must be behind line) is allowed. Including entry from the substitution box.

On a foul - Self starts can be done within 4M, not "playing distance" - 1.5 stick lengths

Defensive player may self start in their defensive zone

Self starts in the CSA will be done at the spot of the foul, not moved to the top of the 12. Self starts do not need wait for any other players. All other players must be 4M away.

The goalie may return to the goal circle with the ball (without rolling it back in) if they have been played after leaving the goal circle.

3 Seconds Enforcement Changes

Outside the CSA, above GLE, Free position moves to the 12M fan closest to the spot of the ball. Offender moves 4M behind. Clock is stopped, play resumes on whistle.

Other penalty enforcement doesn't change - Between 8-12M- Move to 12M. 8M Above GLE - Closest Hash. Below GLE, in CSA, move to closest dot. Below GLE - Outside CSA, spot of the foul.